Maa Fertility Clinic:
Dr. Prsahanth, Surgeon and Founder Maa Fertility
Dr. Deepthi, Fertility Specialist and Founder Maa Fertility

Dr. Prashanth is a Surgeon by profession and a very humble person. He had joined the workshop to learn entrepreneurship and business management skills. He always thought that doctors lacked business acumen and considered business negatively as doctors always think that their core purpose of existence should be to serve and not to do business. But after joining the workshop he realized that the spiritual aspect of ENTREPRENEURSHIP. He understood that the core purpose of entrepreneurship is also to SERVE. During the workshop, his aspirations changed from just being a surgeon to building a hospital for serving the society. The first step in their journey was starting the “Maa Fertility Clinic” in Yelahanka, an IVF clinic serving patients desiring a child. Both husband and wife are excellent in their respective fields but lacked any kind of experience in business and so were initially reluctant to start the clinic but Saurabh literally handheld them in their very first entrepreneurship project and today they are now running the clinic successfully by bringing smiles to hundreds of patients across the city. We wish them well to contribute to society for many more years to come.


Inventeron Technologies:
Mohammed Atha, Founder Inventron

Mohammed Atha has been running an IT training and development company for the last 3 years but did not really explore his complete potential as an entrepreneur. When he visited the Free Seminar, it was not that he was doing badly in his current business, in-fact he was doing well for himself by earning close to 2/3lacs per month from it. There are 2 types of people in this world: The first type of people repair the roof when the SUN is shining and the second type of people repair the roof when it is raining. Atha belonged to the first type and immediately after the FREE seminar joined the Workshop and subsequent Advance program and Personal Consulting with Saurabh. The result of which is Inventeron Technologies achieved INR 30 lacs revenue in only 1 month in the subsequent year of business post joining the program. He has partnered with a tech start-up now and also runs a franchisee for Saurabh Bhandari & Associates. He happily could send his parents to Haj and everyone around I'm are happy for his success today.


MGM Dental Clinic
Dr. Shalini, Dentist and Founder
Chethan, Founder and CEO

Dr. Shalini had been running her dental Clinic for over 6 years and was not serving more than 4/5 patients a day till 2017.  Dr. Shalini is an excellent dentist by profession but lacked the business acumen and also perceived business negatively, saying medical is not business. Her Husband, Chethan is a Software Engineer working for a large IT company always saw looked upon clinic only as a second source of income and the couple had both agreed to their fate that ⅘ patients a day may be a maximum potential of their Clinic, only until 2017 when he first attended the FREE Seminar of Saurabh Bhandari and subsequently joined the Workshop & Personal Consulting. Post the workshop he realized that they were just running a shop all the while till now and this has to change. The couple realized that they needed a business mentor who can tell them what to do and how to do. He joined the subsequent community program and personal consulting program of Saurabh Bhandari and has been associated with him for the last 2 years now. Result of which is that today Dr.Shalini is one of the most reputed dentists in her area serving more than 15 patients every day. Revenue of the clinic has increased multi-folded in the last 12 months, patient satisfaction index is at an all-time high, a number of patients walk-in per day has grown by 3 times and they are in an expansion mode to revolutionize the Dental field. Patients are happier than ever before and Dr. Shalini and Chethan feel accomplished with the entrepreneurship journey they are living today.



Sanabil English High School
Aleem, Managing Partner: Sanabil

Abdul Aleem had previously done 3/4 ventures ranging from second-hand car sales to the dealership of water purifier and had failed in all of those ventures losing lacs of rupees but his dream to become a successful entrepreneur never faded. Aleem is a very hard-working entrepreneur who gives more than 16 hours a day to his business, but despite his hard work, he did not succeed in any of the ventures he had started prior to meeting Saurabh. In some of the ventures, he felt cheated by his partners and in some by the employees. Aleem always wanted to be an entrepreneur and hence, again in partnership with 4 others took over a school which barely had 35 students in 2016. He had lost all his hopes as despite his hard work the numbers were just not increasing and thought that this would be yet another failed venture in his bag. He attended the Business Growth Accelerator Free seminar by Saurabh in April 2017 and took up the 5-day workshop. These 5 days became his game-changing moment in life as he realized that the entrepreneurship journey was not what he was living until now. It is a journey of Mindset and Skill Set and not that of a Self Employed Business Owner or that of an employee working in a company. He joined the subsequent Advance Program with Saurabh and also requested Personal Consulting services by him post the workshop. The result was that his school that did not see more than 50 students for the last 5 years, became 160 Students in 2018 and over 330 Students and 1 Cr revenue in 2019-20 school calendar. Now Aleem is aiming for 5 branches in the next 2 years with combined revenue of over 10 Cr per year. Aleem realized that before meeting Saurabh he was the only excited person in his school but today all the teachers and staff are equally excited to make this dream come true of Impacting the Education of Kids. While being a part of Saurabh’s Personal Consulting and workshops, he realized that no entrepreneur can succeed unless he learns, understands, and executes the skills required to build a business. Business learning is a different study, that unfortunately is not covered in our traditional education system. Today he proudly says that he failed in his previous ventures, not because of any other reason but that he did not know how to build a business. Today he knows how to validate a partner, opportunity, market a service, sales, hiring, finance, and truly appreciates the power of knowledge he got in the last 2 years of association with Saurabh Bhandari in the Workshop, Personal Consulting, and Mentoring sessions.


Agaso Technologies
Darshan & Paresh: Founding Team - Agaso

Darshan first joined the Business growth Accelerator program of Saurabh Bhandari and then later continued for Saurabh's personal mentoring and consulting services. He also pulled his partner Paresh into the program. Both the founders came with rich experience of Tools, Manufacturing, Sales, and distributorship. But despite building a world-class product which included technology bought out from ISRO, a world-class factory spread across half an acre in Bangalore, they were struggling to hire good people, lived on the mercy of any random people working for them and struggled to market the product. They knew how to build a product but lacked the entrepreneurship skills of how to build a world-class company that attracts:
(1) customers who pay for your product and service and not ask for discounts
(2) a motivated and talented workforce who works with or without your presence at the office
(3) investors who put money behind entrepreneur's projects

In the 3-month Personal Consulting program, Saurabh took them through the journey of how to build a world-class BRAND where the product is just coincidental. Building a brand is not about sales, manufacturing, advertisements, or distributorship, it is a much richer journey that requires a completely different skillset and mindset. It is a journey of strategy, process, people, technology, and not a one-man show of self-employment. Before meeting and learning from Saurabh, the founders alone were managing the operations, hiring, cash management, and all the critical tasks of the organization. So the day they were not present in the office, the business would come to a halt. What they needed to build now, was a company where the entrepreneur works as a catalyst and a system where skilled people would take over the execution of tasks to make the business successful. Saurabh lifted their game to level 10 and today Agaso technologies are in the process of building a world-class company based out of India, a company that stands for design, technology, and innovation. We wish to see them bringing their company to STOCK market (BSE/NSE) soon.

Saurabh Bhandari




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