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The 5-Day program will help you build a blueprint of your company’s growth process by providing you with a full spectrum view of business’s structural strategy and approach for growth. You will be exposed to real life case studies, frameworks, multi-dimensional methods and fresh approaches for identifying existing challenges and different growth opportunities in your business. The program will leave you with a roadmap for building capabilities through continuous innovation and securing resources to grow faster:

  • How to increase sales and maximise profits?

  • How to Improve Personal Productivity?

  • How to Build a Highly Competitive and Productive team?

  • How to attract new customers?

  • How to scale your business?

  • How to win against competition (offline or online brands)?

  • How to explore & validate new opportunities/partners?

Who is it FOR?
Business Owners, Founders and Entrepreneurs 



This service is exclusively offered to Business owners and Founders who have already started the business or have made a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Here Saurabh consults Business owners by spending time and energy in one on one meetings. Here both Strategic and Tactical issues/challenges are addressed and a clear Road Map is provided. It is done in partnership with the client and is designed to address specific fields or to fix specific problems in the business. Personal Consulting is Solution Focussed. 

Client’s complete Business study is performed in discussions with Saurabh and his team. It is important to assess how the business is running in an effort to find ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Divisions that are looked at include available resources and how well they're utilized, how the business is structured, and how to best maximize the skills and experience of the people involved in the organization.

Who is it FOR?
This is a must for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking to expedite their journey to build sustainable growth oriented brand.