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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Business Coach | Founder's Mentor | Strategic Adviser | Brand Consultant | Team Performance Improvement Expert 

Saurabh Bhandari is renowned Business Coach | Founder’s Mentor | Strategic advisor | Brand Consultant to many Founders & Entrepreneurs of MSME, SME and Start-Ups. He strongly believes a nation can grow only if Entrepreneurs succeed in their journey and so he is on a mission to empower Indian business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can transform their businesses to Organizations that attract Customers, Highly motivated People, Investors, Creates Employment, Generates Profits and brings Prosperity to the NATION. He believes, all this can happen only by POWER of KNOWLEDGE.

Along with being a Business Coach & Consultant, Saurabh is also an active entrepreneur & investor and understands the practical pains & struggles of a business owner who fights on a regular basis to grow his business. Be it hiring the right employees, building the team that works with or without the owner in office, getting the paying customer, marketing of product, competition from online or offline brands, building technology and many many more. It is these endless problems that restrict the entrepreneur from growing even though he might have built the best product in the market or would have been providing the best services. Saurabh has been consulting and coaching clients in the business areas of Fast Moving Consumer products and Services, Education (Schools/Colleges/training institutes), Retail, F&B hospitality, Distribution, Manufacturing, Real estate, Medical, Wellness, Healthcare Services, IT, ITES, Marketing, real estate rentals and many more.

To name a few of his clients:
- Agaso Technologies (FMCG Cookware Brand)
- Sanabil Public School (Education)
- FABELLUS Home SALON (Tech driven on Demand Salon and Spa)
- MGM Dental (Dental Clinic)
- Goutham Builders (Real Estate Developer)
- Maa Fertility (Fertility Clinic)
- Jashn (Ladies wear Retail Outlet)
- Ahoy Exports (Import Export Company)
- COURSECUBE (Java Training Institute)
- Inventron Technologies (Software Services)
- Nagarjun Jewellers
- Tech Cushy (Digital Marketing and IT Services)

He has spent over a decade and a half in corporate, business and start up world where he equipped himself with the hard-earned knowledge of what it is: To Try, Fail and then Rise to finally Succeed as an entrepreneur.

He had a stellar corporate career working with large Multi National Companies like TCS, HP & Samsung at multiple roles of strategy, sales, marketing, technology, management & team building where he was driving multi million Dollar business growth initiatives. Despite experiencing a rapid growth, he quit his corporate career and took the entrepreneurial plunge with the purpose of BUILDING Businesses that provide REAL LIFE VALUE and SOLVE REAL WORLD PROBLEMS. In the journey, he founded multiple companies like FABELLUS Home SALON, GAADIWAALE (cab aggregator), CHEEBOO (merchandise retailing), LIFESTYLEORGANY (organic produce), etc. In the journey, he realised that there are many more entrepreneurs struggling with problems that he has solved in his organization and hence for a larger purpose decided to enter coaching and consulting other entrepreneur’s businesses and help them grow as well. The astonishing results were that his clients/students today have experienced growth of 200-500% in a short span of 12-24 months under his coaching and consulting and have taken their respective businesses to the next level.