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Saurabh Bhandari & Associates | Start-Up & SME Business Consulting

Saurabh is principal partner of Saurabh Bhandari & Associates, business consulting firm focussed on providing personal business consulting and 100% handholding to entrepreneurs/business owners of start ups and small and medium businesses.

He built this organization with a purpose to help entrepreneurs grow their startup, small and medium sized businesses to next generation large business houses. He believes that a Nation can become strong only if its Entrepreneurs grow their small businesses to big businesses that can generate profits & employment to others in Nation.

He says that it is this Small Medium business owners category of our country that though provides 90% of employment to the nation, pays more than 50% of direct or indirect taxes but unfortunately loses out to large corporates when it comes to growth because of lack of INTELLECTUAL support they need in growing their business. 


Large companies have consulting firms like Mckinsey and BCG of the world that support them in creating and driving their growth strategies but small companies have NONE… :(

Saurabh wants to be the Mckinsey of Start Ups, Small and Medium Businesses by helping them scale and achieve their business aspirations.


Ever since its launch in 2017, Saurabh has personally consulted over hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them grow their businesses to next levels by solving both strategic and tactical problems in areas of growing a business that involves New idea validations, Business Stagnancy, Skill-building, Strategy building, Sales, Marketing, Team building, Technology evaluation, Competition, Business Growth and many many more. 


Business owners come to him for Personal Consulting from all kind of StartUp & SME businesses like manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, FMCG, healthcare, education, jewelry and Gems, real estate, event management, training and development, IT and BPO services, Software product, B2B reselling, distributorship, franchise owner and many many more.


This idea of “personal Business consulting to entrepreneurs” emerged out of the pains personally experienced by Saurabh in his own entrepreneurship journey where he had no one to look upon for helping him solve real business problems related to his startup (FABELLUS or GAADIWAALE). 

Today just like him, he sees so many fellow entrepreneurs also struggling with the same set business problems but have either no or very little access to very few people who can genuinely help them solve those problems.


Most struggling entrepreneurs spend a lot of money on doing things that are relatively easy, for example like building a shop, buying material for the shop, setting up factories…. But unfortunately after doing easy things they begin to struggle on real and much larger issues like how to get customers, how to build team, how to convert sales etc etc 


Everyone knows that “it is good marketing strategies that will get them leads which have to be converted using effective sales strategies by a great rock star team” 


“what they do not know is how to do effective sustainable marketing, how to do sales, how to hire, whom to hire, when to hire & From where to hire”.


It is only answers to these questions that will help a business owner grow and ideally getting answers to these questions are more important than just setting up factories or setting up shops. 


This is where Saurabh’s one on one consulting comes into play where he solves each problem and answers each question one by one in a very methodical way.


Saurabh always Says “If you are READY to LEARN and EXECUTE, then I am here for YOU and I will always be here for you”